Q: How dustless is dustless?

A: With the Atomic Dust Containment System, there is zero airborne wood dust. It is unnecessary to hang plastic or remove sensitive electronics. Our professionals don't even wear dust masks.

Q: Why go dustless?

A: The benefits are numerous: no dust, no clean-up, no lingering irritants, no downtime for site protection, and a better finish on your floors. It is the best choice for a cleaner and healthier home.

Q: Do I need to remove my furniture?

A: We ask that you remove all the smaller items out of the way and we can help move the larger items off the floor. Click here to see our policy on Furniture Moving.

Q: When can I put my furniture back?

A: Our general rule of thumb is that furniture can be placed back onto the floor 24 hours after the last coat of urethane is applied. Area Rugs will need to be kept off of the floor for the entire cure time of your chosen urethane.

Q: How many times can a floor be sanded?

A: A solid 3/4" tongue and groove floor should be able to get 5 to 6 professional sandings, provided the sub-floor was somewhat level to begin with. Top-nailed strip should be able to get 3 to 4 professional sandings.

Q: What is the procedure for refinishing floors?

A: The floor is sanded multiple times with progressively finer grits of paper to level the floor and remove old finish. Then, 3 coats of your selected finish are applied to the floor. Buffing occurs between each coat to minimize contaminants in the finish.

Q: Can I change the color of my floor?

A: Yes. We have multiple stains for you to choose from. On the first day of the process, we will apply samples to your floor for you to preview and make your selections.

Q: How long will it take to sand and re-finish my floors?

A: About 3 to 4 days to sand and finish a floor approximately 500 square feet in size. The condition of a floor may cause for a longer than expected process. This will become clear as the floor is sanded. We inform all our customers about the progress of their floors.

Q: How long will it take for the finish to dry so that I may walk on the floor?

A: Refer to the Finish Comparison Chart for dry time guidelines. Please note that every home has different environments which may affect the dry time.

Q: Do I have to leave my house?

A: The sanding procedure can be tolerated by the homeowner, if a room can be avoided from the time that the room is sanded to the end of the finish's dry time. Some finishes are strong-smelling and may cause for alternative sleeping plans. Ask us about our environmentally-friendly waterborne finishes.

Q: What about my pets?

A: Pets just like homeowners need to avoid the room during the entire sanding and refinishing process.

Q: Should I choose a water-based finish or an oil based finish?

A: There are advantages to both. Please refer the Finish Comparison chart below to make your best selection.

Finish Comparison Chart

Finish Comparison

Water Based

Oil Based



Amber in appearance
that yellows over time

Dry Time

2-4 hours

8-12 hours

Cure Time

7 daysThe finish will be
70% cured after 24 hours

14 days The finish will be
50% cured after 72 hours


commercial grade MEGA is comparable
to oil base without the amber color, and
withstands normal residential traffic

Oil is the traditional finish that has
been used for years and withstands
normal residential traffic


Virtually None

Non-harmful odor that
dissipates as it cures.




Q: Do you remove carpet?

A: Yes. We will remove and dispose of your carpet, pad, and tack strips.

Q: Under my carpet are black spots. What are they and can they be repaired?

A: Black spots on a floor could mean a couple of different things. They can be caused by water damage from a flower pot or a water leak or they could be a pet stain, which leaves an ammonia burn on the finish. Normally, we attempt to sand the black spots out and if unsuccessful, we can replace the damaged boards.

Q: What is the best way to clean and maintain my floor?

A: Vacuum or sweep floor regularly. Remove spills promptly. For easy cleaning, use a high quality hardwood floor cleaner, such as Bona Kemi's Hardwood Floor Cleaner, which we recommend.

Q: There are boards missing from or damaged in my floor. Can you repair my floor?

A: Yes. Most floors can be repaired or replaced, although some repairs are easier than others. Repairs such as dented or broken boards and patched areas that require a spliced in section are common occurrences in the flooring trade.

Q: Does C&R Flooring/ Dustless Sanding require parking?

A: As our evacuation system is housed in our trucks, we require only one parking space near your home. Our representatives will determine if parking is adequate.

Q: What if I live in a high-rise?

A: No problem. We have portable containment systems. Please note that these portable systems can cause some airborne dust but are the best option for high-rise projects.

Please call us with any concerns or other inquiries.

Furniture Policy

We are happy to assist you in removing the larger pieces of furniture off of your floor, i.e. dining room tables, bookcases, couches, etc. We will help move these pieces at no cost to you, since they are on the floor on which we must work.

Because we are not professional furniture movers, there are some things we must ask that you do before our arrival.

  • We ask that if you do have bookcases or china cabinets that need to be moved, that everything be removed from those pieces prior to our arrival.
  • We ask that any lamps, magazines, books, candles, or anything that might be on a table or desk that we need to move also be removed prior to our arrival. Essentially we ask that you move all loose or small items you can.
  • As we are not an electronics company, we ask that all computers, televisions, speakers, or any other electrical equipment be unplugged. If you need help moving a television, we can assist in that regard as long as it has been unplugged.
  • If we are refinishing floors in a bedroom, we ask that you break down all beds, and we can remove the individual pieces from the rooms.
  • Similarly, if you have any furniture that is assembled from multiple pieces, and will not fit out of its current spot without being broken down, we ask that you break those down as well.
  • There are certain very large items, i.e. pianos and pool tables, which will not necessarily need to be moved. In most cases we will be able to work by moving these pieces around slightly during the process. Your salesman will be able to tell you whether or not we can accomplish this.

If we are putting your furniture back, we will move the same large items that we moved out, but we will not be able to reassemble anything which we did not disassemble, i.e. beds. We will also return all electronic equipment to its proper place unplugged.

In the off chance that we arrive at your home and find that some of the above items have not been taken care of, we will not be able to guarantee finishing your work on your scheduled dates.

If you have any questions about our furniture policy, feel free to ask your salesman or to call our office and speak with our General Manager Cheryl Wilcox.


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GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified
The Bona system is the first and only hardwood floor finishing system to earn GREENGUARD certification for indoor air quality.

The Bona Environmental Choice Systemô
Our innovations of dust containment sanding equipment, low-VOC waterborne finishes and non-toxic cleaners ensure long-lasting beauty for your hardwood floors.

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